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Overlapping Parallel Worlds

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 9:13 pm
by Floridian Dream
This idea is probably nothing new or original, but I'd been quite inspired to contemplate on it for some time by the Lovecraftian short story—From Beyond—and an article speculating the origins of the alleged reptoids. It regards the concept that the universe is divided into many "layers" (for lack of a better word) or [dimensional] planes of presence (if you prefer) that overlap one another and essentially occupy the same spatial coordinates in said universe, yet they are separated from one another because the matter composing each layer/DP behaves/engages in motion differently from that of adjacent layers/planes and therefore do not interact with each other. I call this phenomenon "Quantum Vibration/Oscillation/Motion."

It is, of course, to my understanding (though do feel free to correct me if I am mistaken) that at atoms vibrate with kinetic energy at frequencies that vary upon degrees of temperature, though I am unsure as to what extent (if any at all) this affects the elementary particles composing said atoms, but my theory on Quantum Motion is that all elementary particles within a specific plane of presence uniformly engage in a certain "motion" at a fixed frequency; any particles "moving" at a frequency the least bit different from another will occupy their own separate plane of presence. Essentially, two macroscopic structures (e.g. planets) can occupy like spatial coordinates to a point where a collision could occur, yet is prevented by said structures' separation from each other by the differing Quantum Motions of each other's composite matter. More essentially, you could have a countless myriad of entities (without yours or their awareness) passing right through you and/or anything you would perceive as solid, much like how a ghost could pass through a wall—I subsequently dub this phenomenon as the "Ghost Effect."

An alternative explanation would be that the overlapping particles of separate planes of presence are simply exotic to one another and thus interact in ways unorthodox to our current knowledge of Particle Physics. Perhaps these entities passing through us are simply just made of completely different kinds of matter altogether.

All of this, of course, is mere speculation, a mere toying around with ideas to which I cannot assert any scientific validity, as I hold a rather limited, if not stinted, knowledge on Physics, particularly in regards to quanta or particles. At most, I merely anticipate your two cents' worth on my hypothesis.