Anakin who's fault??

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Who's Fault?

Post by Kromaethius »

Yeah, "Darth" took the easier path -- Organized Religion and all of its abuses and power-trips, yeah could see why the "Young Jedi" took the road less traveled -- Hey the Jedi BS, or follow something closer to my own hear, yeah "Master Do with what you will!" "Arise Darth Kromeathius..." <Greatest Sithlord of All Time> <Now I am really tripping>

I would of loved to kill that little green dweeb, never liked him, never trust a green turd looking creature!

Okay my meds are wearing off --

Just having fun... For the record, Ani was the greatest of all the Jedi -- Darth Vader, you're da bomb!

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Post by Chipchinka »

Oh, there's plenty of blame to go around, and it would also be easy to say that the bulk of it rests on Anakin's shoulders, since he IS the one who made the choice to take a walk on the Dark Side in the first place. But beyond that, I actually blame (and pity) the Jedi a bit more. I think the Jedi rock, don't get me wrong: they have a pretty cool fashion sense, after all and hey...some of those Jedi babes were...oh, never mind! Anyway, an enormous contributing force to Anakin's downfall was actually typical male hormones at play in a repressive segment of society. "A Jedi forms no attachments" and all of that is NOT something you tell a former slave boy who somewhere between movies became a former slave boy with raging hormones and a stone-faced pout.

For all of their interest in following the Light Side and all of that, the Jedi were horrendously limited, complacent, and as filled with arrogance and corruption as the Republican Senate...they just looked better at it and didn't have a bunch of Nemodians in big hats making oily, self-interested deals with fake Chinese accents in the background. Because of Jedi complacency, it never occurred to them that enough small wrongs could actually tip the balance in favor of the Sith, and well...if I were the grand poobah of the Jedi Order, I'd be pretty interested in what was going on in the Outer Rim, at places like Tattooine, and I'd probably be pretty ready to change a few long-standing Jedi traditions as well, just in the interest of adapting to a changing galaxy that really doesn't favor the Light or the Dark side of the Force, but that's just me.

So, all in all, I have to say that in my opinion, it was Jedi detachment as well as Sith manipulations that ultimately tipped the balance in regard to Anakin Skywalker. He was talented, he was powerful, he was all that he probably thought he was, but he was also a cypher in a sense...the ONLY Jedi/Sith character who could have gone in either direction. The Sith seized him, simply becuase the Jedi were too busy not noticing things and, therefore, not helping in situations where their help was truly, desperately needed.
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