Posting your original stories

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Posting your original stories

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Speculative Vision is happy to provide you with a place to post your original works both as a means of self publication and as a way to receive feedback. You always retain all copyrights to anything you post on this site. By posting your work here you expressly grant Speculative Vision a non-exclusive electronic license to display your work.

You may remove your postings if you desire, indeed this may be required if you secure formal publishing of your work that requires exclusivity. However, please keep in mind that your work is not statically presented for reading, it is offered with the understand that it is a starting point for discussions by members. An excessive pattern of removing posts leaves "holes" in the forum discussions and disrupts the community. Members who demonstrate a pattern of excessive post removal may have their posting privileges revoked.

We highly suggest that you write your story with an offline word processor, use spell check, then "cut and paste" it into the forum. Remember that you will be receiving feedback...present your best work for best results. Be aware that only this forum's special text formatting (i.e. BBcode) is recognized and allowed.

General Guidelines for Story Posting:
  • - All pieces of writing posted in the "Writer's Showcase" must be posted on Speculative Vision. Links leading to other websites where the writing is available are not allowed and will be deleted.

    - You may wish to open your post with any specific requests for critique you want to receive. For example, if you have been working on character descriptions let people know so they will give you direct feedback on that aspect.

    - Adult themes are OK, but excessively obscene language, graphic depictions of violence, and sexual acts/erotica, etc. are not allowed. In the US our policies would be similar to a PG13 rating for a movie. If you are unsure send a sample to a moderator and they will be happy to let you know if your work is appropriate for this site. Please note that our language filters may edit out certain strong language. You are not required to edit your story to remove these occasional language infractions.

    - All work must be original. "Fan fiction" is OK only if distinct trademarks of the original are not used. For example, you may post a Star Trek inspired story if existing Star Trek characters, starships, etc., are not used.

    - We highly suggest that you break up long stories into several sequential posts. This will allow the forum to page the thread if needed and make it easier for people to read your story.

    - Speculative Vision reserves the right to edit or remove anything posted on this forum for any reason, or for no reason, without any notice.

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