unlikely harry potter plots

JK Rowling's wizard has captured the world's imagination.

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I'm still waiting for Book 8: "Harry Potter and the Whorehouse of Sin"

In this exciting installment, Harry Potter gets first hand experience from the ladies of Britain.

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stuff i though was funny,

( Hermione and Ron) Ron: we've got to study for the exam. i am hoping to get a good grade on this. Hermione: it all about your looks not about books get the picture Ron.

Harry: What's that you've got there Hermione?
Hermione: A Laptop.

harry: voldemort!! this is your final day! I wont allow you to keep hurting people like this! say your prayers!
voldemort: ummm, harry.
harry: what!!!?
voldemort: no one around. you can stop the act.
harry: oh. ok... what's on? *points at the TV?
voldemort:harry, I'm your father.
harry: why am i not surprised?

Trelawney: *watching her cup* Harry, you will have many years of live and a great family...you will be very happy and with no fears or problems.

Luna: you people are too weird for me!

Voldemort: "Finally Harry, after all these years I can finally show you what my talents really are! I the Great Lord Voldemort will make a bunny appear from this hat!

Snape [singing] : There is no potion that can mend a broken heart...

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Magus wrote:Harry Pot-Head and the Sorcerer's Stoned
I belive its been done by Dave Berry.
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hear is a another funny ending for harry i thought of ( i hope R.J. Rowling does not use this)
it is the final show down between harry and Voldemort harry is hurt and flees to Privet drive. Voldemort pursues him.
Voldemort rings the door bell, uncle Vernon opens the door.
Voldemort "I'm hear for the boy."
Uncle Vernon roarers "I'm sick of you Dumbledore!!!" punches Voldemort in the nose knocking him down.
"get out of it Ill have no more weirdos darkening my door step!!!" keeps punching Voldemort Dudley joins in.
"I'm not ow! ow! Dumbledore!"
"I don't believe you! you cant fool me with your magic."
Voldemort is defeated by uncle Vernon and Dudley. they become hero's of the wisarding community. from that day forward
in front of uncle Vernon's house all sorts of wizard's and witches mill about hoping to get a glimpse of the Mr. Vernon.
"go away Uncle Vernon shouts as he walks to his car" wizard's cheering hura!! hura! hura!
" leave me alone you wackos!"

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I got an unexpected ending :)

Voldemort grinned as he and his minions forced Harry, Ron, Neville, Ginny and Hermione into a dark alley with no escape route
"Any last words Mr. Potter?"

"Just three Voldemort...IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"
Neville "FROG!"
Ginny "OWL!"
Ron "RAT!"
Hermione "CAT!"
Harry "STAG!"

A bright light flashes and the five teens emerge wearing different colored jumpsuits and in one voice yell out...

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