Monthly Writer's Challenge : March 2007

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Monthly Writer's Challenge : March 2007

Post by Qray »

March 2007 Writer's Challenge

The guidelines for the Challenge are as follows :
  • Write a story, poem, or song that somehow incorporates the monthly challenge image, challenge title, or both. The story, poem, or song doesn’t need to be a complete work. It can just be an excerpt. Just so long as it meets the minimum word count and somehow incorporates the monthly challenge image, challenge title, or both.

    As with all posts, the content of the story, poem, or song must meet Speculative Vision Forumguidelines for appropriateness.

    Any genre may be used.

    For the month of March, there is no minimum word count.

    You can write more than one story, poem, or song.

    The end of the challenge (the deadline) will be the end of the month.
This is a writing challenge, not a contest. It’s an opportunity to share our creativity and have fun!

If you want a critique of your writing, please say so in your post.

Let the authorial mayhem continue!

This month's story title:
If Wishes Come.

This month's image:
Source : The Master
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Post by Boikat »

(Comments and constructive critique welcome)

"Seriously. You call that 'armor'?" said Galen as he looked at the skimpy outfit Kara was almost not wearing.

"Seriously, " Kara mimicked Galen, "don't you think you should get a little more sun? You're as pale as a ghost."

"Oh, ha, ha." said Galen as his vampire teeth glinted in the moon light. "Could you just get that door open. The Sun is about to come up as it is." he said as he nodded to the reddening sky to the East

Kara shrugged and held her staff next to a stone door set in a worked stone face of rock at the base of a cliff. "Open!"

There was a grating sound as the door shifted, then swung open. Kara held her staff into the opening and said, "Luminus!", and the crystal sphere at the head of the staff glowed in a cool blue light.

"Ladies first.."

"Oh, how gallant of you.."

"I'm paying you a small fortune for this job. You billed yourself the 'best of the best of the best of the best..' until I was ready to puke. Now it's up to you to put my money where your mouth is." Galen snarled. "Because if you don't, witch, I swear by the rotting carcase of Vlad, I will drink every drop of your blood, and then you will become my servant for the rest of your un-dead life!"

Kara paused as she had started to enter the open passage. "Isn't that an oxymoron? 'Un-dead life'?"

"You know what I mean! Let's go."

The two entered the tunnel, and the door swung closed again. Inside, the darkness was barely pushed back by the glow of Kara's staff. A sound from up ahead caused Galen to grab the hilt of his sword.

Kara whispered, "Be ready, the guard is up ahead..."

The two crept forward through the tunnel and presently came to a wooden door. They heard the rustling and clinking as the guard behind the door shifted to keep the circulation in his legs under the weight of the plate armor. Kara motioned Galen to stand ready, then with a sharp command word, caused the wood to fly open. Kara leaped through, and Galen drew his sword and followed. As soon as she was through the door, Kara hit the guard with an invisible ball of energy that flung the armored man back against the wall with a sickening mix of mashing metal and breaking bone.

Galen walked over to the limp form. The guard was dead. "Couldn't you just have knocked him out?" he asked.

Kara glanced at him. "You're paying me a small fortune, remember?"

"No more killing! I'm tired of killing. That is why we are here. Is that clear, witch?"

"Perfectly." said Kara. But Galen doubted she meant it.

"Let's go.." said the vampire.

Kara led the down the passage again, holding the staff in her right hand, and holding her left hand out as if groping for something in the dark. "It's close..." she said.

"How close?"

"Behind that door." she said, and pointed.

Galen pushed forward, "In here?"

Kara nodded. "You must enter by yourself. That's part of the deal."

Galen nodded, and gently pushed on the door. It swung open.

Inside, Galen saw a pedestal in the middle of the floor. On it sat a vial of liquid that glowed a warm yellow. Galen slowly walked up to it, and was about to pick it up when he heard something behind him. Turning, he saw Kara in the door.

"Galen, doesn't this strike you as a bit odd?" she asked.


"Only one guard? And he was stationed far from this room. Think about it.."

Galen felt a chill run down his spine, and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. "What are you saying..?"

Kara smiled. "You really don't get it, do you?"

Galen glanced back at the vial, then back at Kara. "A trap?"

"Yes!" Suddenly, the orb on Kara's staff brightened, and Galen felt his skin sting as the light grew in brightness. Turning, he grabbed the vial and tried to shield himself from the light with his cloak at the same time. Snapping off the top of the vial, he managed to because the contents of the vial.

Suddenly, the light died out. Turning, he saw Kara still standing in the door, the orb of her staff had dimmed back down.

"What...?" he asked.

"Give it a few more moments, and you'll see." Kara said.

Suddenly, Galen shuddered, felt him body warm up. "I feel warm..!"

"That's because you are no longer un-dead. You are now alive. Come. It is time to go."

Galen looked at her with a degree of suspicion. "No trap?"

"No trap. I had to make sure you actually drank the elixir."

Galen walked towards Kara, who moved aside to let him through. "I can smell the mustiness of this passageway. It stinks, but it's the first thing I've smelled in centuries..."

Then they came to the body of the guard. Galen looked at the limp form. "Ummm..."

The armored form st ired, rolled over, sat up, held up his arm to Kara, who grabbed and helped the heavily weighted man to his feet.

"Thank you, M'lady." he said with a bow.

"That will be all for today, Sir Winston." The knight bowed again, and limped off.

Kara waived her hand in the direction of the departing knight, and the limp went away. "Thank you, M'lady" he called out as he continued down the passage.

Galen was looking at Kara.

"Why the drama?"

Like i said, I had to make sure you were going to take the elixir. Now, come along."

The two continued up the passage until they reached the door that led to the outside world.

"Ready?" asked Kara.


The door opened, and Galen was hit full in the face by the light of dawn. he felt the warmth of the sun, felt a slight warm breeze scented with the wild flowers of spring.

"You don't know how long I've wished for this day.." he said.

He felt Kara's hand on his shoulder, "Yes, I do. I couldn't see myself in a mirror for almost two hundred years, at one time.."

Galen looked at Kara, "You mean...?"

Kara smiled, and the two reached for each others hands, and they walked together down the path to the future.
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Post by Bmat »

Since Boikat had the scene in the picture as the knight being killed, I decided to try my hand at the knight being helped, although it is a stretch. Anyway, here goes. (Oh! and I am not an aspiring writer, but gentle comments are welcome.)

What Is Seen

“Oh stop it, Peter! That is quite enough! When you said you wanted to take a walk, I thought that was what you meant. A walk! Not a wrestling match!” Jane slapped Peter’s wandering hand away and turned to march back towards the school. The evening was muggy, and Jane was steaming with temper.

Peter touched his thin mustache with his index finger as the side of his mouth lifted in a smirk. He was actually surprised at Jane’s rebuff. Short middle-aged ladies of a certain size were usually only too easily coaxed into a little slap and tickle, or more. But Jane had gone all huffy. Well, maybe all was not lost; a little more persuasion might work. He started after her.

Jane was disgusted. She thought that she had found a friend in Peter, who had recently joined the teaching staff at the high school where Jane was the Student Counselor. All too often, the men overlooked Jane’s sparkling wit and spirit. Peter had seemed to be an exception, except that he had just shown that he considered Jane an easy conquest.

“Well forget it,” she muttered, her lips held tightly in anger as she stomped along.

Suddenly, Jane was knocked over by a truck. No, not a truck. But Jane was slammed to the ground by something.

She seemed to be uninjured, and she opened her eyes. It was dark. There was a faint light in the eastern sky.

Dawn? She thought.

Jane had to concentrate on getting her breathing under control. As she managed to stand, she noticed lying on the path beside her what seemed to be a staff with a ball on the end. Jane picked up the staff, and the ball started emitting light. Jane could now see that there was someone a short distance away sitting on the path.

“Peter!” she said, running toward him. But instead of Peter, she saw a man who appeared to be in full Vampire costume and holding a sword. “What in the world was that?” she asked, “and why are you wearing a Vampire costume?” As she got closer, she shuddered as she realized that no makeup would cause that awful pallor. “I mean, uh, hey, who are you anyway?”

Peter stood up slowly and let his eyes feast on the scantily clothed vision standing before him. He closed his mouth and pulled his eyes back into this head. “Huh. Uh. I don’t know. I, ah….” He could not answer. The woman was strikingly beautiful as she stood there, hands on her hips, -her unclothed and shapely hips.

“I, uh, I, uh. What the…?” He looked down, “What am I wearing?” His speech was a bit slurred. Peter ran his tongue along his teeth and noticed that four of his teeth were abnormally long.

Jane frowned. She recognized the voice. She peered closer. “Peter?”

Peter looked back at her. “J-Jane? I must be having hallucinations. What…”

“All right!” shouted Jane. “I want to know what is going on, and I want to know now!” She noticed the Vampire -that is- Peter, looking at her up and down and she started to ask: “What are you…Ungh! What happened to my clothes?” Jane had to force herself to calm down. She seemed to be dressed in, well, not much, and her body was different. Slender and tall? Never, even her dreams. She looked at Peter and said, “What happened? Did that…whatever it was…that knocked us down, knock us into another time or dimension or something?”

Peter shook his head in confusion.

“This is too strange,” Jane said, “Let’s get back to the school and see if someone else knows what happened.”

Peter inclined his head in agreement, and they started walking. In about a half hour, they saw in the dim light that they were approaching what seemed to be an old castle.

They found an ornate wooden door at the top of the steps leading to the castle. There was a placard nailed to the door. Jane held the still-glowing ball on the staff toward the door to take a closer look at the placard. The ball flashed red, there was a click behind the door, and the door swung open.

When they entered, they were shocked to see what seemed to be the bodies of two knights in full armor lying on the floor. Jane, without really thinking about it, stretched the staff toward one of the knights. The ball turned blue. It emitted a faint light toward the knight, who immediately rose awkwardly to his feet.

“Uh! What is going on, here?” The knight’s voice was muffled until he yanked the helmet off. “Who are you people?

Jane recognized the voice of Ted, the math teacher. But never was Ted the handsome young man who looked at her in bewilderment.

“Ted? I’m Jane and this is Peter.”

“Jane? But you look, um, different.” Then, Ted looked at Peter, and he shuddered. “And, he looks just like a-“

“Yeah yeah, I know. Big deal.” Peter drawled. “I think I’ll see if this other poor fellow could use a bite, uh to eat, you know.”

Ted asked in desperation. “But what do you think has happened? I was talking with Frank and was slammed to the floor!” Ted and Jane looked at the other knight. Peter was trying to remove the man’s helmet. Ted walked over and shoved Peter away.

Peter snapped, “I don’t know about you guys, but this place gives me the creeps. I’m leaving!" He opened the door. Jane gasped and spun around, but before she could warn him, he went out. Into the morning sunshine.

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Post by Dark Knight »

Thought I better post this before my pc gives me any more problems....

On set John and Mike, both actors in armour lay on the ground, Emma was holding a staff and James was made up to look like a vampire.

I don’t mind wearing skimpy stuff, but you would think they could be consistent in these movies; did witches of this period wear nothing much, or were they fully dressed?, Emma wondered.
“That is the last guard” Emma said.

Slowly there was movement, as one of the fallen guards started to get up. Emma and James showed surprise on their faces. John rose to his fill height, and reached up with his hands to his helmet. Taking of the helmet, he relieved his true appearance. John under the helmet was made up to look like someone from the underworld. His face was all red, with no hair and spikes around his head.

“You know you there is no way you can defeat me” John said in a evil sounding way.

“what do you want with us?” Emma asked

“I want you to get me the Blood Diamond”

“Agreed” Emma said

“Cut”, said the commanding female voice of the director.

“How could you know” said a male voice from somewhere behind the set. Another vampire came on the set, but this was no actor. Emma and James now where really surprised, and so was John and Mike.

“this is not in the book, or in the scrolls” the real Vampire said as he move through the set.

“Leigh , it is I Elaine” Said the director, as she change appearance to how she use to look all those years ago. The cameraman disappeared from beside the camera, he had never been there.

“the years have been good to you, what is all this for?” Leigh asked.

“I am dying” Elaine explained, and changed to her true appearance. She was now a lot older with white hair and wearing a lot more. There where blue blotches on her arms and hands.

“you have lasted longer than most” Leigh said, referring to the fact that most wizards or witches got killed or died for some other reason before they got past there first couple of centuries.
“I will die soon”

“You know I could change you”,

“I want to see what is on the other-side” Elaine said referring to the afterlife.

“you know I could do camera”, Leigh said changing the subject.

“That might scare the actors” Elaine said smiling.

“I will be at the premiere”

“I will see you there”

“I'd best be going”

“Please don’t attack any of my actors”

“Wouldn’t think of it” Leigh said as he headed for the door. That girl looked nice, I might take a bite of her after the premiere, you know what would make a good, DVD extra, vampire actor gets attacked by real vampire….

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Post by Mikira »

If Wishes Come…

Takar studied Jenna as she wore a trench into his threadbare carpet. Her brunette hair was swept up in a loose know at the back of her neck. Her small hands trembled slightly as she turned to look at him. The fear in her aquamarine eyes shot daggers through his heart. How could he help her understand this special gift she was granted when he didn’t understand it himself?

“Please sit down; I’m not sure how much more pacing my carpet can take.”

Jenna stopped her pacing by the chair next to Takar’s and sat down on the edge of it. “Hasn’t anyone else ever been granted this gift?” Jenna asked.

“I’ve checked and double checked the records. No one has ever had the gift you have been given.”

Jenna stared into the old stone fireplace at the dying embers. She thought at first that it had only been coincidences when the gift came upon her. She’d wish for things every kid wished for and somehow those wishes started to come true. So she came to Takar for guidance two weeks ago. She had told him about these strange happenings in her life and to find out whether he had documentation of anyone else ever having this gift. She hoped to find some answers to help her understand how to control it. They did little experiments to make sure these happenings weren’t just happenstance and each wish they had her try came true. Jenna had come here today in the hopes that Takar had found something to help her figure this gift out. “I don’t want this gift; it feels more like a curse to me.”

Takar wished he knew how to help Jenna, but this was such a powerful gift that it was beyond his knowledge. “Have you tried making a wish silently in your mind?”

“No.” Jenna’s eyes grew wide. “Do you think that might be one of my gifts limitations?”

“It could be. Why don’t you try a small silent wish now to see what happens?”

Jenna concentrated her attention on the waning fire in the fireplace and before her eyes it flared to life with more logs appearing from out of no where. She sighed heavily. “I guess that answers that question.”

“I realize this looks bad,” Takar said soothingly.

“Oh this makes it worse then ever.” Jenna moaned softly.

“I can see why’d you feel that way, but to gain knowledge of how your gift works, gives you power over it.”

“I guess so…”

“I know so. I have a harder test for you.”

Jenna looked into her grandfathers grey eyes that belied how old he was. If it wasn’t for his shock of white hair and age spotted weathered hands, no one would even realize he was seventy winters old. “What is this test?”

“We must learn the extent of what your gift will allow you to do.”

Jenna narrowed her eyes. “I have a feeling I’m not going to like this.”

“I’m positive you won’t.”

“I can’t do it,” Jenna groaned.

“Do you want to temp fate and wish it in anger some day and have to live with that regret of that action for the rest of your life?”

“But… what if the limitation is that I can’t wish the opposite of a previous wish?”

“We have to try. So we know that the only wish you have to worry about is for your own death.”

Jenna’s eyes grew wide before she dropped her head in her hands with a heavy guttural moan. “I didn’t even consider that possibility.”

“There, there child, I have faith you’d never wish that for yourself.”

“But… I… could do it… by accident,” Jenna said through her sobs.

“Not if you know not to do it. Now shall we try my little experiment?”

Jenna lifted her tear stained face from her hands. “I know you won’t let me leave with out doing it.”

Takar laughed. “Your right, but you could just wish yourself home.”

“See, I have a lot to learn about this gift.”

“And I’m trying to help.”

“I know, but what you are about to ask me to do… I just can’t do it.”

“Oh child, I realize it won’t be an easy thing to learn about and I know your love for me keeps you from realizing this experiment will help you more then hurt you.”


“By wishing me dead, then wishing me back to life, will teach you the extent of your gift.”

“What if I can wish a person dead, but not back to life? Then I would have killed you and have to live with that fact the rest of my life. Can’t we try this experiment on something not dear to my heart?” Jenna worried her lower lip. “I could wish for a small animal to appear and try this experiment on it.”

“Yes, then after that you would still need to try it on a human.”

“Why? Wouldn’t trying it on an animal be enough?”

“No, because if you have limitations we need to figure them out. But by all means wish for a small animal to try this out on first to ease your mind.”

Jenna held out her hand. “I wish for a small white mouse.” Not even a second later the little white mouse appeared in her palm. Not wanting to form any attachment to the mouse, Jenna continued to make wishes in succession. “I wish that the little white mouse was dead.” The mouse fell to its side as the life left its little body. Trying hard not to be affected, Jenna kept her voice calm as she said, “I wish the little white mouse would come back to life.” Jenna held her breath as she finally allowed herself to look at the little white mouse that was alive and well grooming itself in the palm of her hand. She gently put the mouse in an oversized pocket in the floral skirt she was wearing.

Takar smiled at Jenna’s concern for the mouse she experimented on. “Well are you ready to try that same experiment on a much bigger guinea pig?”

“You are not a guinea pig.”

“Oh, but you could wish me to become one if that would help you do this next experiment.”

“That wouldn’t help.”

“Then let’s not delay this any longer and get on with it.”

Jenna closed her eyes and sighed, “I wonder if I could wish I never been granted this gift?”

“Do you really want that? What if you were meant to have this gift for a reason? Then that reason came to pass and you no longer had this special ability. You could have the power to stop millions of people from dying. Would you really want to lose that?”

“No… I guess not.”

“Alright then, let’s see if you can wish a fellow human dead and back to life.”

Jenna knew she wasn’t going to be able to talk Takar out of this foolhardy experiment. So she mustered up some courage and in a shaky voice said, “I wish my grandfather Takar Lore was dead.” She heard a gasp for air from the chair Takar was sitting in, before she glanced in his direction. Her heart sunk in her chest when she saw him slumped in his chair. She got out of her chair and knelt before him and took his cold lifeless hand in hers.

The tears rolled unchecked down Jenna’s cheeks. The knowledge of this terrible power churned her stomach. She tried to hold herself together as she said, “I wish that my grandfather Takar Lore was alive.” Jenna was crying so hard that she didn’t even feel the hand she held onto was growing warm again. She didn’t even feel the slight pressure when Takar squeezed her hand.

“I know why you were granted this gift.”

Jenna reared back on her heels. Upon seeing that Takar was indeed alive, she threw herself into his arms. “You’re alive… you’re really alive.”

“Yes child, I’m alive. I also now know why you were granted this gift.” He took her lovely face in his old weathered hands. “It’s because you have a pure, loving heart so that you would know good wishes from a bad ones.”
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