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Lycanthropy Case Report

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 9:18 pm
by Trey of Diamonds
Lycanthropy Case Report
By Trey Wickwire


Begin with an outside view of a mental institute. The name of the institute should be visible. The Damarchus Institute of Lycanthrope Research.

A pretty nurse is escorting a well dressed man carrying a sample case down the hall to the office of a Doctor.

At an open door and the nurse speaks to the doctor sitting at a desk in the small office.

NURSE: Dr. Weyer, Professor Lercheimer is here to see you.

WEYER: Professor, please come in and sit, I am glad to see you made it.

Lercheimer is seated at the desk facing Weyer behind it.

LERCHEIMER: Dr. Weyer, it is an honor to finally meet you.

WEYER: Tut, tut, Professor, the honor is mine. I read your last paper on the effects of primitivism on modern society, truly riveting.

LERCHEIMER: Thank you for saying so Dr. Weyer, I didn’t know you had an interest in Primitivism.

The two men converse in a friendly fashion.

WEYER: Actually, I think it has a direct relation to the work we are doing here, professor. The symptoms of the disease Lycanthropy include the reversion to a primitive level in the psyche. I found the ties to your work to be quite logical.

LERCHEIMER: I am so glad to hear that. In fact that is the reason I requested this interview. With your permission I would like to see some of your cases in hopes of documenting the very ties you speak of.


Show Weyer and Lercheimer walking down a long hall with several glass observation windows for viewing patients.

WEYER: Of course, whatever I can do to help. Why don’t we start with a tour. I can show you a couple of prime candidates for your study.

LERCHEIMER: Oh yes, thank you, I think that would be a wonderful start.

Show Weyer and Lercheimer at one of the windows. Behind it is a naked man who is crouched down on all fours in a corner of the room. Make the room standard hospital dull; bed and toilet.

WEYER: This is a very interesting case. The man you see here believes himself to be a badger. He sits there in the corner until someone enters the room. Then he will growl warnings and gnash his teeth. If you get within five feet he will attack, scratching and biting. He bit off the finger of one nurse who got too close.

Show Weyer and Lercheimer at another window. The next case is man who is perched on his bead, knees to his chest, arms tucked into his sides as if they were wings.

WEYER: This one believes himself to be an eagle. He is pretty harmless though. If you get near him he will rise up a bit and spread his arms as if they were wings. He will hiss and snap but has never actually attacked anyone.

LERCHEIMER: Are they always this way or do they revert back to normal?

WEYER: These two are too far gone in their psychosis. We tried neuroleptic medication but the only affect was catatonia.


Show Weyer and Lercheimer at another window. Behind it is a woman who sits on her bed talking to herself.

WEYER: This is our most unusual case. A forty-three year old woman who believes she is a werewolf.

LERCHEIMER: She appears normal, even if a bit confused.

WEYER: She has episodes, mostly during the full moon as we are experiencing now. Neuroleptic medication works well most of the time, but when the moon is at its fullest… well, see for yourself.

Weyer presses an intercom button so the two men can hear the woman.

WOMAN: I am a wolf of the night. I am a wolf woman of the day. I have claws, teeth, fangs and hair. Anguish is my Prey at night. Powerless is my Cause. I will roam the earth long after death.

LERCHEIMER: Fascinating.

WEYER: The episode will last anywhere from 20 to 30 hours. She will experience both visual and auditory hallucinations. Oh… it looks like you will get to see for yourself.

The woman has stood up from the bed and drops her robe revealing her naked body beneath.

WOMAN: The Devil has entered my body. My eyes are not my eyes. One is frightened and the other of the wolf. The eye of the wolf is evil and full of revenge. The head of the wolf is in place of my face, the long nose of a wolf. I am the devil.

Show the woman on all fours facing forward. She is rubbing her hind quarters against the bed post in obvious sexual ecstasy as she continues to talk.

WOMAN: I search for a hairy creature. I haunt the graveyards. I will find my tall dark man.


The two men are back in Dr. Weyer’s office.

LERCHEIMER: That last case was truly remarkable Dr. Weyer. I could almost imagine that woman transforming before my eyes.

WEYER: I know what you mean. Her episodes are very detailed. I can see why more primitive cultures would be frightened by such displays.

Lercheimer leans close to Weyer in a conspiratorial manner.

LERCHEIMER: Dr. Weyer, I hope you won’t think me a kook but I must ask you, in your study of Lycanthropy, have you ever had cause to suspect something other than mental illness?

WEYER: Something other, Professor? I am not sure what you mean.

Weyer appears shocked, Lercheimer appears slightly crazy.

LERCHEIMER: Something more physical rather than mental.

WEYER: You mean do I believe real werewolves exist professor?

LERCHEIMER: There is a lot of historical evidence that is hard to explain away. My research in primitivism has unearthed certain evidence that I find hard to discredit.

WEYER: What sort of evidence?

Flashback to Lercheimer in Africa. A shaman is presenting a small object to Lercheimer.

LERCHEIMER: Well, the most damning was when I visited an African village said to be one of the last collections of truly primitive men on the planet. They presented me with the skull of a recently killed wereleopard.

Lercheimer places the skull on the desk between them. Weyer looks at it in wonder.

LERCHEIMER: I have had it verified, the DNA of a man and a leopard is blended. It is no hoax.

WEYER: That would explain a lot of things I have seen.

LERCHEIMER: What kind of things? You have seen evidence yourself haven’t you? I knew if anyone had it would be you Doctor.

Weyer is standing and helping Lercheimer up out of his seat. Lercheimer is clutching the skull.

WEYER: Yes, I think we do have a lot to talk about professor. Come let’s grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria and I will tell you some of our secrets.


The two men enter a room. It is filled with doctors and nurses. Two orderlies are waiting to grab the professor.

The orderlies hold the professor and remove his clothes. All of the doctors and nurses are undressing, folding their clothes neatly and placing them on chairs set around the walls of the room.

WEYER: I am sorry professor but we can’t have you spreading your tales of werewolves to others.


The naked professor is placed on the table and restrained. The naked doctors and nurses are all around the table looking hungry and drooling. Weyer is in the foreground speaking to Lercheimer, the nurse who showed the professor into his office earlier is next to him.

WEYER: Nurse Grenier here told me you had uncovered the truth about our kind but I needed to hear it from you.

NURSE GRENIER: I told you so.

Now the doctors and nurses begin to change into creatures, half wolf, half human. Lercheimer looks on in horror.

WEYER: Yes Jean, I know you did.

GRENIER: You should listen to me more often Johann.

WEYER: Yes dear, I promise to do so in the future.

Everyone is now transformed. Doctor Weyer reaches down and tears a strip of flesh from the naked professor’s thigh. He holds it up before his jaws.

GRENIER: Do you think there are others who know?

WEYER: Possible, if so we will find them, but enough of that now. You know I don’t like to talk shop during meals.

Weyer drops the strip of flesh into his jaws and the others start to tear into the professor as he screams.