Kid - A War Story

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Kid - A War Story

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Hey! Guess what?! Reading comic scripts can be a little watching paint dry, especially if you aren't really into the medium. So this one is only five pages. Enjoy!

Comments and crits are more than welcome. Thanks for your time.


A Five-Page War Story by Dan Head

Page 1 – 4 Panels

1: Est. shot of a WWII Drill Instructor standing in front of a formation of new recruits and yelling.

DI: Alright you *beep* lousy *beep*…

Caption: Despite what you might have heard, Basic wasn’t too bad.

2: Similar shot, but now we see this from behind the DI so that we are looking into the face of one - KID, the protagonist in this here strip. KID is blond and of average height and build but somewhat more muscular than his contemporaries on either side of him.

Caption: I grew up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania.

Caption: My Daddy used to hit me harder’n most the Drill Sergeants did, and the work was harder on the farm, too.

DI: …do you hear me you maggots?!

3: Again, similar shot, but this time from further back so that we can see that there many, many formations exactly like this one lined up and stretching off into the distance. This is the formation of the citizen-soldier Army of WWII, one of the great transformations of American society, and the purpose of this shot is to capture the scope of the change.

Caption: We were all kids going off to fight the Hun. Together.

4: Again, similar shot, but pull back even further so that we can see the American Flag flying above the parade ground with the troops in the background.

Caption: It was simple. A great nation, when tested, rises as one to defeat evil.

PAGE 2 – 3 Panels

1: Est. Shot of a converted luxury liner steaming towards France. It’s night, and the ship is running under blackout conditions.

Caption: I didn’t start to learn the truth until we were on board the ship.

2: Est, shot of the ship’s steerage compartment, filled to the bursting with teenage GI’s all piled on top of one another and all seasick. KID is in the middle with his head resting on his hand, trying to write a letter. A guy next to him is puking his guts out, and one on the other side is lying there holding his stomach.

Caption: A thousand unwashed bodies packed on top of each other. We were meat.

3: Close-up of our hero looking miserable as the guy next to him regurgitates into a bucket.

Caption: Meat for the slaughter.

PAGE 3 – 5 Panels

1: Establishing shot of a WWII Replacement Depot tent city. Tents with young soldier stretch off into the distance into infinity… AND BEYOND!

KID is standing in the foreground in a chow line. He is holding a metal tray. It’s cold, and we can see his breath. He is wearing his helmet, and stuck into the side is a white tag with a number. You pick the number.

Caption: At the Repple Depple*, I wasn’t even human. I was just a number.

* Replacement Depot.

2: Now KID is on the back of a truck, riding towards the front. He looks young and nervous. It’s snowing lightly.

Caption: They said it’d get better when we got to our units, but it didn’t.

3: Est. shot. At the front, KID stands by himself, looking lost. He has just reached his platoon. A couple of the platoon’s vets are sitting together on a log trying to keep warm in the snow. One has turned around and looks at KID suspiciously. The others are pointedly ignoring him.

Caption: At the front, I wasn’t even a number. I wasn’t an individual at all.

Caption: I was one of THEM. A F&%$#’ing NEW GUY.

4: Close up of the suspicious vet – SGT RILEY. He looks disgusted just to have to lay eyes on KID.

Caption: A replacement for a real comrade, killed in action against an implacable, efficient, unforgiving enemy.

5: Similar shot to #3. Now all of the vets have turned away from KID. KID has his hands in his pocket. He is lonely, bored, and cold.

Caption: Odds were that I’d be killed within the week. Why bother learning my name?

Caption: Why get close?

PAGE 4 – 6 Panels

Note: the first three panels on this page run across the top in a little row.

1: It’s night. We see a treeline being lit from behind by outgoing artillery fire.


Caption: The shelling started that night.

2: KID and SGT Riley are sharing a foxhole. KID is crouched down in the bottom, and tears are coming out of his eyes, cause that’s how scared he is. RILEY has been through this before, so he isn’t crying, but he isn’t having fun either.


Caption: I lay in my hole and cried as the rounds came in.

3: Similar shot. Now the shelling has stopped. SGT Riley is getting up, knowing that it was a preparatory bombardment for an infantry assault. KID is wide-eyed and amazed to discover that he is alive.

Caption: But then it stopped.

4: This is a very similar shot to the one that started this exercise. Riley is a grizzled vet, leading a charge up into the unit’s fighting positions. KID is following him out of the foxhole, looking exactly like a confused newbie who wonders what the heck is going on.

Caption: SGT Riley got up. Not knowing what else to do, I followed him.

Caption: I didn’t want to get left behind.

5: Close up of a blonde German teenager with a rifle on his shoulder. He has it pointed at Riley, but we don’t know that yet.

Caption: I don’t know how it happened.

6: Est. shot. The German kid has Riley dead-to-rights with his rifle at very close range. RILEY knows that he is about to die.

Caption: I didn’t plan it.

Caption: I didn’t make a decision.


Again, this page opens with 3 panels across the top and then one large one at the bottom.

1: First-person-shooter POV. KID has the German’s head in his site-picture. The German is looking the other way and has no idea that he’s about to die.

2: Close up of KID firing his rifle.


3: The German falls dead. Riley looks back to KID with a look of utter amazement on his face. He knows that he almost died, and he knows who saved him.

4: Similar shot to PAGE 3, PANEL 3. Now the vets are all looking at KID with interest. He’s no longer an outsider, and they have a wholly different attitude towards him now.

Caption: After that it was different.

Caption: We were still meat for the slaughter…

5: RILEY is standing up and shaking KID’s hand.

RILEY: What’s yer nam, KID?

Caption: … but we were also all in it TOGETHER.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

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