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The Amazing Spider-Man

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This series follows the adventures of Peter Parker, who becomes spider-man. This series also introduces an entirely New Storyline, along with new characters, and the rise of the one of the greatest enemies the spider has ever met.

1. Rise Of The Spider

Peter Parker is bitten by a spider, on a trip to the science museum. The next day he finds himself with super-powers, allowing him to be a human spider, or Spider-Man. He soon learns he can climb walls, and has super strength and agility. But can not use webs. While he searches for a way to use webs, he soon learns of a bank robbery, with Harry Osbourne taken hostage. He defeats the bank-robbers, and stops the crime, saving the life of his best friend. He tells Harry of his secret, who tells of a way to use webs, a special chemical in the form of a Web-Shooter.

2. Blood and Sand

Peter Parker, Aunt May and Uncle Ben attend a carnival. The Owner, Quentin Beck, is robbed, which causes Uncle Ben to be shot after he tries to stop the robber. Peter, swearing a vengeance chases down the Robber, who is Flint Marco, a man with the ability to control, and become sand. A grueling battle takes place, but the Sand Man escapes with the money, and Peter swears an ever long hatred towards him. Beck's Carnival is shut down, and he becomes homeless and Unemployed.

3. The New Deal (Part 1)

When Aunt May needs a loan to pay for the expenses of Uncle Ben's Funeral, she takes a loan from a risky Loan Shark known only as King Pin. A few months later, she can not afford the repayments, so he arranges for her to be killed. Spider-Man arrives in time to save her, but one of them gets away. Spider-Man follows her back, and comes face to face with Kingpin and Electro. Kingpin sends Electro to fight Spider-Man. Spider-Man looses easily, and Peter Parker checks in to the hospital.

4. Rise of The Storm (part 2)

4 Years Ago, Max Dillon is caught in a lightning storm, and gains control over electricity. As he struggles to cope with his powers, he life crumbles around him. He meets Kingpin, who gives him purpose, as an enforcer. he is caught in a battle with HammerHead, a rival Mafia Boss. He Kills him, and becomes the right hand man of Kingpin's army. 4 Years Later, Spider-Man reconfronts him, where he eventually wins, and defeats both him and kingpin, saving Aunt May.

5. No Longer A Teacher

Dr. Curt Conners, Peter Parker's Mentor, dies after an biological experiment. The following nights, one person dies each night, after brutal attacks, from a massive Lizard. SpiderMan realises that Curt Conner never died, but became The Lizard. He hunts him down, and enters into a long fight, which he wins. A meteor falls from the sky.

6. The Power Of Illusion

After Quentin Beck's carnival is shut down,he seeks revenge, but can only find Spider-Man. He blames him, and targets his friends and family, drawing Spider-Man out to a fight to the death. Spider-Man eventually wins, and Beck is arrested, and imprisoned alongside Rhino and Scorpion.

7. The Poison Horn

After Rhino and Scorpion breakout from Prison, they go on a rampage in the city. Spider-Man tries to stop them, but is overwhelmed by their strength. He tries to find help, and finds it in the form on Harry, who has discovered his Father's old research weapons. Together, they battle the two, and eventually win, but Gwen Stacey, a friend of them both, is killed after Scorpion escapes, the two hunt down Scorpion, who is shot but Captain Stacey. Spider-Man and Hob-Goblin (Harry). Captain Stacey Begins his man-hunt for them.

8. Venom (Part 1)

When Eddie Brock discovers the meteor that fell to earth, he becomes consumed by a symbiote, that turns him into a savage beast known as Venom. Venom has no sense of Humanity, and seeks only the destruction, symbiotic hosting, of all life. With Captain Stacey and the police force manhunting Spidey and the Hob-Goblin, the two find themselves at cross-roads, save them selves, or save the world.

9. Fall of The Spider (Part 2) (Season Finale)

Spidey leaves to battle venom, while Harry fights to clear their name. The fight between Spidey and Venom gives rise to a new, powerful Villian, born out of violence, and carnage. Harry is unable to clear their name, and ends up in a standoff with the police force. Venom and Spidey call a truce from their battle, in order to defeat Carnage. The Hob goblin is hunted by the media and the police force, as a standoff draws to a close, ending in Harry's Death. Carnage escapes after devouring the venom symbiote, transforming him into an all-new villian.

Series Two:

Spidey Fights to defeat the Powerful, monstrous new incarnation of the Symbiotes.
An expirement leaves a doctor changed.
The Spider fights a cat.
The Manhunt for Spider-Man continues.
A New Goblin appears.
A Hunter sets his sights on Spider-Man.

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