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No, I was being as subtle as a sledgehammer there at the end. I used the kitten for several reasons. For one, yes cats are domesticated, but they are less so than dogs are. They still very much have their own minds, their own intelligences and their own personalities. I needed the scene to happen in the city, or at least in the implied city to show how tough it is for 'Nature' to survive in man's world. Because the scene needed to be there, I couldn't really use many other animals. Birds I could use, but I wanted the results to be living but soon to be dead, not just plain dead like all the birds i've seen struck by cars.
Dogs I could also have used, but they are just too much a domesticated creature. I wanted to use a more or less generic type of creature, so saying "bobcat" or "manx" wouldn't have worked well, and also I wanted to use a baby animal of that species which meant that I had to know the specific term for that creature's offspring, and the readers would have to know as well. It was a difficult decision, though really I did not put as much thought into the specific animal as I might have. Perhaps I could have found something better. I'm unsure, but I feel that a kitten works well for me. It is a creature that lives in man's world and you see the results thereof quite often, which was part of the idea of the poem... to give the reader snapshots from the scenes I wanted to show that they could mentally picture once they have read it.
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Fair enough - point well made.

Great poem.
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