Retro Neon Super Life

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Retro Neon Super Life

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Retro Neon Super Life is a speculative fiction that has elements of adventure and sci-fi. It tells the gritty and mesmerizing story of two opposites brought together in a world both strikingly familiar and obscenely foreign. Jake, a straight laced tradesman, innocently ventures into the cyber-world only to have his identity stolen. Determined not to be beaten by a world that is not real, he embarks on a quest to get his identity back. Alice, a young woman, lost in the fast paced life of a cyber punk has her world turned upside down and begins to question the very essence of the world which she has grown so accustomed too. Worse still, the questions begin to turn inward as she slowly loses all sense of self. Brought together by fate, they journey deep into the underbelly of the cyber-world, revealing the dark, evil humanity that lurks beneath the user-friendly surface. Helpless in the only world she knows, Alice struggles to come to terms with the harsh realities of an unreal universe. While, like a slow burn, Jake must accept that to reclaim his identity he must change and become the very world that had chewed him up and spit him out.

This is my second novel, but my first with sci-fi leanings. It is available via amazon, smashwords and all other major e-book retailers.
I encourage everyone to check out the free sample available on all the above mentioned sites.

I would also like to mention my serial blog PWND, of which I post a new chapter every Friday morning (PST).

PWND tells the story of a world long broken. Three hapless bandits must rely on their wits (or lack there of) and each other to survive in a grey, desolate wasteland. Blending grit, spec-fic, and dark humour PWND strives to tell an original, creative story with a stylistic flair.

*WARNING* While PWND does not contain any x-rated sex or obscene violence, it does contain mature themes and strong language.

Thank you everyone for considering my work and giving me a place to showcase it.
Hope you enjoy.

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