2010: Tron 2

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2010: Tron 2

Post by Boikat »

Coolness. I haven't seen a quality trailer for it yet, just a bootleg from Comicon, but it looks good. Jeff Bridges stars.


From the looks of the trailer, as poor quality as it is (the one I saw, anyway) it appears they caught the original style quite well, almost a "retro-cyber", compaired to what they could have done. The graphix look better, but the designs are of the original flavor.

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Re: 2010: Tron 2

Post by Qray »

Tron : Legacy is being released on December 17th.

The trailers look promising.

And the plot seems plausible and interesting. Even if it is "let's pair a young actor with the former movie's lead as his son" shtick.
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It's great to see Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner back as Kevin Flynn and Alan Bradley/TRON, but it's a shame they also didn't bring back Cindy Morgan as Lora Baines/Yori.
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