Sheridan or Picard. And why?

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Sheridan or Picard?

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Sheridan or Picard. And why?

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He was better as a diplomat (see Markab episode of B5.)

He was better looking.

Sheridan was a bit of a loose cannon at times (the episode where he tried to get details out of Morden.)

Picard had a smoldery quality that was appealing.

They both were able to be leaders.

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First and foremost Sheridan was a soldier. Picard was a politician and explorer. While soldiers of a Captain's or General's rank have to deal with politics, and soldiers usually make good politicians, politicians rarely make good soldiers.
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Picard...because he played that little flute. Well that and because he assimilated me while he was Locutus. Oh yeah, and he has this really groovy song on the Internet:

Ok ok, real answer. When I think about it from the perspective of "which one would I rather report to" I feel that Picard would inspire me more as a leader. I admire he has a superior ability to manage his resources, delegating tasks to the right people in order to solve complex problems. I also like that he usually comes up with intelligent solutions that benefit everyone without resorting to violence.

Sheridan is often inspiring, but he tends to be stubborn and impatient. He sometimes lets his emotions take over, which can cloud his judgment.

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