What is Your Favorite Babylon 5 Episode?

Still a favorite with many of our regulars, come on in and share your insights on this ground breaking series.

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Post by MrB »

I find it difficult to choose a favourite episode on account I hated the whole thing... my god, talk about dull...
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Post by Merle »

Thanks. Greatly appreciated. Very helpful.
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Post by aldan »

Oh, OH! Sacrilege!! Actually, the acting in it wasn't always the best, but if you start at the beginning and get thru the first two years (yes, that's awhile), it'll really start to make sense and you'll begin to see just how interwoven the story-lines are, and how something referenced in one episode will be used in episodes two years later. Quite good writing. However, if harder science fiction TV doesn't interest you, then this wouldn't.
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Post by Bmat »

Note from the Moderator:

MrB posted in detail reasons for the preceding post by MrB. There was some further discussion then of subjects brought up in the explanatory post. The new discussion diverged from the topic of this present thread, which is favorite B5 episode. Therefore, the topic was split, and the new topic is at this location.



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Post by Valen »

Sinclair verses Sheridan... we have had this debate before and I believe we all agreed that Sinclair was better... Valen has spoken!

Season One.. A Parliament of Dreams
Season Two.. Comes the Inquisitor
Season Three.. War Without End I & II (Sinclair rules!)
Season Four.. Moment of Transition
Season Five.. A View From the Gallery
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Post by lastone »

92. A View from the Gallery

We see the action from the viewpoint of two maintenance workers as a race of savage aliens attacks the station.
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Post by psicop13 »

Season 1: Ah, impossible to pick. I'm not a fan of Sinclair, and I always struggle through Season 1. Signs and Portents is good, as is Chrysalis.

Season 2: Divided Loyalties. I love Susan, I love Talia, this is a fabulous episode (although you do have to suspend belief that Talia wouldn't be the first person they tested. :lol: There's alot to love in season 2 though, especially towards the end. The Long Twilight Struggle is heartbreaking for me.

Season 3: I'm afraid I have to go with fan-cliche - Severed Dreams. Action packed, and fabulous. Great to watch with fannish types; you get impressions of the guns, shouting at the tv and, of course, everyone saying that line along with Delenn. :D

I love most of Season 3 though, so it's tough to choose!

Season 4: Alas, ditto. I'm re-watching B5, in order, with some friends who haven't seen it before, and have gotten to mid-Season 3. I might have to come back and pick a Season 4 fave once I've rewatched it.

Season 5: I'm torn, really. Both The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari and The Fall of Centuri Prime are ones that spring to mind, I love the Centuri/Londo arc in Season 5. Once again, I'll have to come back once I've finished re-watching it.

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Post by Qray »

Season Four's episode 406, Into the Light.

Though they didn't seem to do all that much, it was great to see all the remaining First Ones jump in and sally slap the Shadows and Vorlons around.

It didn't offer cleaver dialog or reveal some funky aspect of the storyline, but it had that whole "calvary to the rescue" thing that I like, and I got to see that First One ship that looked like a funkified flying saucer with a tree sticking out of it. I love that.

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