The Neutral Zone!

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The Neutral Zone!

Post by Poisonbabyfood »

I had to share this. We just had a guest lecuturer in my Education 802: Curriculum Design class. A very somber affair considering it's a graduate course. And it was a good thing I was sitting in the rear.

I was half asleep when he started mentioning "The Neutral Zone," which is a concept in curriculum design that has to do with redesigning school curricula, it's the in-between period between the old and the new.

From the handout:

"This zone represents 'the no-mans land between the old reality and the new. It's the limbo between these senses."

Well, he started talking about how some people find the Neutral Zone to be very intimidating. How, for school administrators, it's a dangerous place, where one must step carefully. And every time he said something about it I started giggling uncontrollably. Good thing the room was dark.

Finally, he came out with this line:

"It is important to understand the neutral zone. Many people do not expect or understand the neutral zone, and because of this may try to rush through it and become discouraged when they learn this is impossible."

And then I just effing lost it.
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