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Posting rules and code of conduct

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Speculative Vision encourages respectful conversations. We do not tolerate personal attacks, flame wars, hate speech, etc.

When responding or giving feedback to another poster always be courteous and constructive. For example, don't just say that you don't like a story, try to give suggestions on how they might improve. When it is your turn to post your work you will appreciate receiving the same well thought out critique.

Advertising is not allowed in these forums. Speculative Vision provides free advertising for any relevant site from The Resource Network. You are, of course, always welcome to provide links when it is relevant to your constructive post. At no time are links to warez, phishing, or similar illegal websites allowed, nor are links to sites with graphic adults-only content (i.e. XXX sites). Linking to such sites may result in the immediate banning of your account.

Please do not bump posts repeatedly, beg for feedback or cross post in multiple forums. Choose the most appropriate forum for your post and try to be patient and give folks time to read it and respond.

Images are NOT allowed in signature files. We find that images in sigs quickly clutter up a forum making it unattractive and slow to load. Note that you are welcome to include the url to your website in signatures.

Private messages are the responsibility of each member. It is our policy not to actively monitor private messages, however please be advised that technically we do have the ability to read them via direct access to our database. If someone is harassing you in private messages please report it to a moderator and we will take appropriate action as necessary.

We have provided a large library of avatars which you may choose via the "gallery" option in your user profile. Members may also upload a custom avatar no larger than 70x70 pixels and approximately 6k in size. Avatars may not contain any nudity or be ads for products/websites. We do not allow remote linking to avatars. If you would like to share a themed avatar pack for our members to use please note the same size limitations apply as for uploaded avatars. Please contact The Master if you want to submit avatars.

Speculative Vision reserves the right to edit or remove anything posted on this forum for any reason, or for no reason, without any notice. For information about the privacy policies of this website please read our privacy page.

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