REVIEW:Demonsouled-Jonathan Moeller

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REVIEW:Demonsouled-Jonathan Moeller

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Jonathan Moeller
Five Star, May 2005, $25.95, 437 pp.
ISBN: 1594142785

It has been fifteen years since Sir Mazael Cravenlock was thrown out of Castle Cravenlock so that his father’s heir learns to rule unopposed. Now Mazael accompanied by his friend Sir Gereld Roland, the son of his liege lord, returns to his childhood home to find out if the rumors that people are disappearing are true and a wizard’s power enables the dead to walk again under his control.

When the two companions stop at an inn, they see his sister Rachel kidnapped by Lord Richard who is the liege lord of the Grim Marches. Mazael rescues her and returns her to the castle where his brother now the ruler of Cravenlock has a less than enthusiastic greeting for his long lost brother. He and his wife intend to go to war to regain the Grim Marches that once belonged to them. Mazael and his friend Lord Gerold allied with a good wizard who practices white magic sees for himself that the dead are indeed walking under their master’s control. Mazael intends to put a stop to the evil doings that originate at the castle where a snake cult is worshiped and the dark arts practiced.

The protagonist learns that he is Demonsouled, the blood of the Great demon who died three thousand years ago runs in his veins. Unlike most Demonsouls, he has the power to overcome the darkness that dwells within him and turn his back on his evil heritage if he can resist the lure of the dark powers which entice him with what they have to offer him. Jonathan Moeller has written a fantastic, spell binding and enthralling fantasy where the winner of the battle of good vs. evil depends on a dark one fighting for the light.

Harriet Klausner

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