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20000 Leagues Under the Sea
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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
by Jules Verne

Table of Contents

Chapter 001 A Shifting Reef
Chapter 002 Pro and Con
Chapter 003 I Form My Resolution
Chapter 004 Ned Land
Chapter 005 At a Venture
Chapter 006 At Full Steam
Chapter 007 An Unknown Species of Whale
Chapter 008 Mobilis in Mobili
Chapter 009 Ned Land's Tempers
Chapter 010 The Man of the Seas
Chapter 011 All by Electricity
Chapter 012 Some Figures
Chapter 013 The Black River
Chapter 014 A Note of Invitation
Chapter 015 A Walk on the Bottom of the Sea
Chapter 016 A Submarine Forest
Chapter 017 Four Thousand Leagues Under the Pacific
Chapter 018 Vanikoro
Chapter 019 Torres Straits
Chapter 020 A Few Days on Land
Chapter 021 Captain Nemo's Thunderbolt
Chapter 022 "Aegri Somnia"
Chapter 023 The Coral Kingdom
Chapter 024 The Indian Ocean
Chapter 025 A Novel Proposal of Captain Nemo's
Chapter 026 A Pearl of Ten Millions
Chapter 027 The Red Sea
Chapter 028 The Arabian Tunnel
Chapter 029 The Grecian Archipelago
Chapter 030 The Mediterranean in Forty-Eight Hours
Chapter 031 Vigo Bay
Chapter 032 A Vanished Continent
Chapter 033 The Submarine Coal-Mines
Chapter 034 The Sargasso Sea
Chapter 035 Cachalots and Whales
Chapter 036 The Iceburg
Chapter 037 The South Pole
Chapter 038 Accident or Incident?
Chapter 039 Want of Air
Chapter 040 From Cape Horn to the Amazon
Chapter 041 The Poulps
Chapter 042 The Gulf Stream
Chapter 043 From Latitude 47° 24' to longitude 17° 28'
Chapter 044 A Hecatomb
Chapter 045 The Last Words of Captain Nemo
Chapter 046 Conclusion

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